John Alexis Guerra Gómez

TreeVersitvy V2

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TreeVersity explores change in trees over time. Users can use TreVersity to analize relative and absolute change over one variable in each node, as well as created and removed nodes. Moreover, analysts can use TreeVersity to compare non-inherently hierarchichal datasets, by grouping them by it's attributes. For example, users looking at the change on the number of movies watch, can build a hierarchy grouping by age ranges, then by gender and then by favorite music genre, and answer questions like "how has changed the number of terror movies watched by teenage girls in the last year?".

TreeVersity provides a set of tools to facilitate the comparison process that include:

  • comparison algorithms that calculate the change over each node of the tree (internal and leaf nodes)
  • two visualization techniques called Bullet and StemView that represent the change in each node of the tree with controls for navigation and filtering
  • and a reporting tool that searches for the most significant changes on the tree and displays them in a textual report linked to the visualizations

For a demo of TreeVersity2 click here