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(Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web) Fall 2019 Syllabus

Instructor: John Alexis Guerra Gómez

Student Submissions

Objectives and Course Description

This course offers the fundamentals for understanding modern web development. At the end of this course students should be able to build modern web applications using cutting edge technologies. They should also have developed strong understanding of modern web architectures as well as knowing the history of where they came from. Students should also learn basic skills of web design, accessibility and security.

During the semester students will study and prepare asynchronous materials covering basic concepts of web development and web technologies. Classes will be used then to reinforce those concepts, for discussions and for covering advanced concepts.

Tentative Schedule


Concept %
Exams 30%
Projects 50%
Participation 20%


Students are required to have strong foundations on algorithms, databases and software engineering. They are also required to have twitter and github accounts. Please use this form to enter your Twitter and Github handle

Every student is required to complete a series of readings and materials before class. This is not only required but also very important, since in class we will assume they were reviewed, discuss them and cover more advanced topics.

Reading comments

Before every class, students must tweet something they learned from the readings with the hashtag #WebDev and the handle @Uniandes. The comments should be original, shouldn't repeat what was said before, and demonstrate the proficiency of the required reading.

These tweets are going to considered for the class participation grade. Each comment will be rated as follows:

  • 2 points: An interesting and original comment
  • 1 points: An interesting comment but that was mentioned before by another student
  • 0 points: A non interesting comment

Slack Workspace web-dev-uniandes.slack.com

All the class' messages are going to be sent using our Slack workspace. Students are encouraged to use slack to ask questions, coordinate and collaborate. Some guidelines:

  • Use #general for general issues, questions etc.
  • Use #proyecto for proposing projects and requesting approval. All projects must be approved by the teacher.
  • Only the teaching assistants and the professor should create threads on #anuncios. This channel is used for major announcements.
  • Use #random for sharing random stuff.

Videos and Lectures

Sometimes the class will be recorded, streamed and published on Youtube, here is a playlist that contains some of the videos

Previous versions of the course

This course was built on top of previous versions of the class

Slides on GitHub