ISIS 4822: Visual Analytics


Fall 2018

Instructor: John Alexis Guerra Gómez

Students' homework submissions

List of final projects


  • Visual Analytics is the field that combines techniques of interactive information visualization with the use of algorithms and methods of data analytics. It's main goal is the generation of insights that help users in the decision making process.
  • Visual Analytics is used in diverse areas that include science, engineering, business and government. We can find different visual analytics applications in fields such as urban planning, gas explorations, finance, security, natural disasters, health monitoring among others.
  • With this course you will learn the theoretical bases of Visual Analytics, as well as some fundamentals of rapid prototyping and practial applications.
  • The course uses a multidisciplinary approach that aims to help the students learn the skills needed to develop visual anlytics projects in real life.

Weekly Schedule

Week Date Topic Practice Homeworks Final Project
2 08/14 Introduction

Readings: CH1 VAD

Intro to JS and D3
3 08/21 What, How and Why

Readings: CH2,CH3 VAD

Marks and channels on D3
4 08/28 Marks and Channels

Readings: CH5 VAD

Marks and channels on Vega HW1 Visualization Critique
5 09/04 Visualization Design

Readings: CH6 VAD

D3 Interactions
6 09/11 Multidimensional data

Readings: CH7 VAD

Tableau HW2 Basic interactive Viz
7 09/18 Midterm
8 09/25 Spatial data

Readings: CH8 VAD

D3 Modules and Backends HW3 Multidimensional data Select team
9 10/02 Break Select Topic(client)
10 10/09 Temporal D3 Temporal Data Proposal (20%)
11 10/16 Networks

Readings: CH9 VAD

D3 Force Simulation HW4 Temporal Data
12 10/23 Trees

Readings: CH9 VAD

D3 Trees
13 10/30 HCI, Usability, Evaluation HW5 Networks/Trees Progress report (20%)
14 11/06 Visualization Techniques

Readings: CH10-14 VAD

Usability experiment
15 11/13 Analytics Python pandas Usability Study (20%)
16 11/20 Final exam
11/27 Final projects Project presentation/Paper/Demo (50%)

Slack Workspace

All the class' messages are going to be sent using our Slack workspace. Students are encouraged to use slack to ask questions, coordinate and collaborate. Some guidelines:

  • Use #general for general issues, questions etc.
  • Use #proyecto for proposing projects and requesting approval. All projects must be approved by the teacher.
  • Only the teaching assistants and the professor should create threads on #anuncios. This channel is used for major announcements.
  • Use #random for sharing random stuff.

Videos and Lectures

Sometimes the class will be recorded, streamed and published on Youtube, here is a playlist that contains some of the videos


Concept %
Participation 10%
Midterm 15%
Final Exam 15%
Final project
Call for proposals Call for proposals
Submit a project proposal
Homeworks 30%